The Petrelli Project
The Petrelli Project began in early 2010 as nothing more than a handful of songs and a vision to bring something fun, entertaining and unique to Music City, USA.

Thanks to the generous contributions of fans to fund the project, within months those songs were coming to life with the help of some of the best studio musicians in the industry.  

Along the way, each song was molded, torn apart, built back up and even rescued, piece-by-piece, off hard drives soaked in Nashville floodwaters.

The result is a 6-song EP set to be released on May 26, 2011 at a show unlike any other. 

Now that the record is done, can you still help? Absolutely! 

Join the 50-in-50 campaign and help David sell 50 advance copies of the debut EP, “The Petrelli Project” in 50 days. So if you are a fan of the music show your support and help spread the word!!
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So what is the Petrelli Project anyway?
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WAtch clips of the  1st studio session of the Petrelli Project
David Petrelli's debut effort showcases the soulful singer's sweet, effortless tenor woven against sweeping piano pop rock.  Petrelli's songwriting and melodies are simultaneously intricate yet simple, boisterous yet darkly vulnerable, bringing to mind a wide array of juggernauts that came before him from Billy Joel to The Commodores and even cult rock hero Butch Walker.
President, Dashboard Media
Former Head of Publicity, Big Machine Label Group
I’ve always been a fan of David Petrelli’s music and this c.d. does nothing to change that. It delivers big time in both production and performance, but that’s not my favorite part about it. It’s the honesty in Dave’s voice that really draws me in, then it’s the honesty in his lyrics and songs that keep me there.”
 “Stupid Boy” - Keith Urban
 “Moments” - Emerson Drive    
 2008 ASCAP Songwriter of the Year
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You’ve got to admire a musical artist who gives (to borrow from Lincoln’s most eloquent speech) as if it’s his “last full measure of devotion.” New Englander-turned-Nashvillian David Petrelli is just such an artist who offers up everything to his listening audience. This soulful pop tenor taps into heartache and lets it flow, delivering lyrics that reveal flaws and scars without hesitation....reminiscent of Steve Perry and poignant lyrics...Petrelli tempts us with what surely must be a taste of his live performances."  Read the full review here
Music News Nashville
Read the full review here
For his debut album, artist Dave Petrelli presents The Petrelli Project, a densely packed collection of lyrical unveiling and musical moxie. Chiseled from bedrock autobiography, the project balances the storied territory of the singer-songwriter with surprising flashes of pure piano driven emotion. Dave takes us up to Boston, over to Chicago, then slips us back to Nashville with this set of sweet groove filled performances.
John Mullins
Seinior Director of Writer/Publisher Relations, SESAC
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